Lab Quality Confab


“This is my dream! This is such an amazing solution, I always said this would be a great idea, cannot believe it is finally here!”

This was one of my favorite conversations with an attendee at the Lab Quality Confab in New Orleans.

On October 23rd  the Kapios Health team took a trip down to New Orleans’s to attend the Lab Quality Confab for the first time. The conference is put together by The Dark Intelligence Group and attended by laboratory quality-management professionals. 

At the show, we were promoting our solution for laboratory compliance called Laboratory Assured Compliance Solution, or LACS for short. The solution was dreamed up in a ProMedica laboratory by lab technologists and supervisors who knew there had to be a better way for tracking instrument maintenance.

Inspection readiness is never-ending, you have to live and breathe this world of accreditation. And little things can easily be forgotten to document. One thing here and one form there, it can add up, and leads to a headache come accreditation time. Our application, simply does not allow for a form to be forgotten, lost or unaccounted for. Thus the name, assured compliance, because you can confirm the compliance has been done.

We met a lot of great vendors who are eager to work with us, because they too see the worth it what we are doing & we left with numerous labs eager to take the next steps towards simple, fast, successful audits. 

We will be attending another conference put on by The Dark Intelligence Group, Executive War College, May 1-2, 2018 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Let us know if you will be attending and we can set up a time to meet in person. In the meantime, let’s schedule a time for a demo of our solution.