Using I/O Surg to Help Reduce Claim Denials

Kapios Health's simple application impacts appropriate patient status throughout the revenue cycle at ProMedica. Roberta Redfern, Clinical Research Scientist at ProMedica, conducted a thorough examination of the impact I/O Surg has had on denial rates within the hospital.
ProMedica sought a solution to the money being lost due to Medicare denials for scheduled surgeries. Kapios developed I/O Surg, a 2-click search engine with built-in procedural codes to allow users to quickly and accurately identify the appropriate CMS [based on addendum E]/CPT inpatient/outpatient status.
"As a Utilization Management Nurse , I have discovered many benefits of the  IO Surg tool when reviewing scheduled surgery cases.  The use of IO Surg is essential in helping me to quickly and efficiently identify surgical procedures as Outpatient vs Inpatient Procedures  in order to ensure that each surgery is scheduled correctly.  This allows our healthcare system to bill properly and prevent revenue" -Sheri Lopez, RN Peri-Op, Utilization Management ProMedica
Picture2Within six months of launching at ProMedica I/O Surg helped:
  • 38% reduction in Med Necy denials
  • 56% reduction in no prior auth denials
  • $1,360,000 in denials avoided

Download the full whitepaper to:

  • Find out how I/O Surg transformed ProMedica's reactive approach to denials into a proactive process
  • Take a look into the ROI of the software
  • See how ProMedica reduced their Medicare denial rates






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