Everyone's Talking About Inspection Readiness


MedicalLab Management Q&A

Inspection readiness is something that is always on the mind of employees at any clinical laboratory. In the March 2018 Volume 7, Number 2 magazine of  MedicalLab Management there was a great Q&A article about inspection readiness. In the article, Su-Chieh Pamela Sun, MPA, MT(ASCP) talks about how every lab manager has checklists to follow to stay compliant. A lot of the times, this is all done on paper.
“Every laboratory discipline receives its own technical checklist customized for their activity test menu. In addition, the All Common Checklist applies to all laboratory subsections. The laboratory director is responsible for ensuring all the checklists are accounted for as the many of the elements in individual checklists feed into the requirements in Lab General.” 
-Su-Chieh Pamela Sun, MPA, MT(ASCP)

Kapios Health’s Laboratory Assured Compliance Solution (LACS) can help with all the paper forms, and give a laboratory director the peace-of-mind that all checklists are being done on time come inspection time. When a laboratory is inspected, simply pull up the administrative portal and search for a form within seconds. Inspection readiness is possible, with LACS. 

Read her full interview here: https://www.medlabmag.com/article/1457