Addendum B and CPT Code Changes in 2019


CMS has released the Inpatient only list for 2019. As well as, AMA CPT changes have been made, effective January 1, 2019.

Addendum B is posted quarterly to the OPPS website. The excel sheet is lengthy and can be confusing, and with the ever changing information, it is necessary to have a tool that streamlines communication within your healthcare system, and outside physician offices.

I/O Surg is a front-end solution for identification of proper codes & patient status per CMS addendum B/ E. I/O Surg requires only 2 clicks to identify the status, eliminating the need for manual research of reference books, lists, or websites. Importantly, I/O Surg is useful for physician & nursing staff, office staff, pre-op staff, & utilization management & coding staff.

Use of this application throughout the revenue cycle will result in improvement of reimbursement rates for inpatient surgical procedures & help reduce time spent appealing denials on the back end.

Read the white paper from ProMedica to hear about how the adoption of I/O Surg within their system saved the organization millions. 

 Download I/O Surg White Paper