A 2-click Search Engine Application Could Save Your Healthcare Organization Millions

Are you tired of losing millions of dollars each year due to improper patient coding? Do you realize that this is a cost to your healthcare company?

Kapios Health, a Toledo-based healthcare technology company, prides itself on developing solutions created by medical experts with the goal to provide exemplary patient care supported by sophisticated industry-inspired, field-tested mobile technology solutions.
One of the latest solutions Kapios developed, IO/Surg, was invented by Maria Johar, systems advisor. 

The IO/Surg Solution is a standalone web-based application aimed at ensuring the appropriate billing code and patient status is correctly communicated to minimize costly errors in pre-op patient scheduling.
This solution is being used system wide within ProMedica and saved the organization $300,000 within the first two weeks. Johar states they are in talks with other big league healthcare companies as well to implement IO/Surg into their EMR systems.
Maria Johar first came up with the idea while she was “working in the largest repair shop” overseeing the appeals department. She explained that large amounts of money were being lost because surgeries were being performed under the wrong status: inpatient or outpatient. She states that recognizing the problem was one step, but finding a way to prevent the problem was necessary.
io-surg_origThe initial fix resulted in stacks of binders filled with codes being liberally sprinkled around the ProMedica campuses. The issue here was that the people in need of this information did not have access.
She explained that the personnel doing the actual scheduling, office staff and surgery schedulers at the hospitals, were the ones who could actually make a difference. It is not required to have a medical background to work these positions, so the challenge was to design an app that was general enough for physicians, and those without medical training, to use alike. 

IO/Surg is a simple, 2-click search engine that allows for errors to be identified prior to the scheduled surgery, no longer requiring staff to chase physicians and medical staff around prior- and post-surgery. It has built-in procedural codes to allow users to quickly and accurately identify the appropriate CMS/CPT inpatient outpatient procedural codes. This ensures all parties are “speaking the same language”. As she explained, each specialty and even each individual doctor may have their own lingo, so to ensure that the correct code is selected between departments, utilizing the CPT codes makes this possible.
Kapios Health handles all application support following the purchase of IO/Surg. Since the list of CMS/CPT codes differs by insurance company, Kapios Health customizes these lists in accordance to the insurance providers the healthcare organization accepts. Kapios Health support team also updates these codes each year on January 1 when the list is revised. 
Maria Johar does not plan on stopping there. She has big plans for IO/Surg that are currently in development. “The goal is to turn IO/Surg into a one-stop-shop for physicians.” It will list their daily, weekly, monthly, and total surgeries and break them down by the hospital they were/are performed at. It will list who scheduled the surgery, how may have been approved, pending, and requested along with the patients’ names. It will also allow a physician to request a surgery, tagging the patient with a numerical ID that will act as a UPS tracking number in order to follow the patient through the system.

Kapios Health is 100% committed to creating tools and solutions that improve the way patients are cared for. Maria Johar’s solution emulates this; it has relieved the stress and anxiety physicians experience associated coding issues, which allows physicians to better focus on the patients and provide exemplary care.